The Church of Warmology

If we establish a paradigm based on false premises, we will find non-existent problems for which we will apply useless, costly, unnecessary, and harmful solutions.

The above paragraph condenses my opinion on the carbon hysteria that permeates all areas of our society. In this book I will dissect and demolish the paradigm of climate emergency, the premises that support it, the solutions it proposes (for an ill-posed problem), and I shall demonstrate in a coherent and sarcastic way why this paradigm is closer to shamanic magic or religious dogma than to scientific rigor. 

The Church of Warmology is the name I give to everything that orbits around that agonizing climatic emergency that our masters are never tired of talking about.

The dreadful concept of climate emergency, what used to be called global warming and even before that, climate change -these terms were not scary enough-, has been coined with the purpose of terrorizing the population and instilling despair. A frightened population makes for a dull, pusillanimous, obedient society with a greatly diminished capacity for reasoning. Nothing is more exciting for any wannabe tyrant than a society predisposed to obedience through fear.

Societies gripped by fear induced by something, whether that something is a virus or the Hebrew People, are easy prey for sorcerers, country-saviors, or self-serving charlatans. These societies are more willing to do absurd or brutal things, almost always illogical, such as inoculating themselves with experimental potions (“Plandemia”) or gassing Jews (Holocaust). I think I am well understood.

The paradigm, stated in the form of dogma, of the Church of Warmology reads as follows:

– Climate change, which has become a climatic emergency, is    mostly due to the actions of mankind and therefore we are all guilty (even more so if we do not obey “science”) to one extent or another of leading the planet to an apocalypse.

The main premise underpinning this paradigm is:

– Anthropogenic CO2 (emitted because of human activity) is the main lever driving the mechanism by which the Earth is warming, which is bad.   –

Like any religion or sect led by a priestly curia, the Warmology cult establishes sins or faults against the true faith. For the Church of Warmology, whose main demon is CO2, the sins are of a carbonaceous nature. These carbonated sins are attached to the soul of ungodly humans in the form of an accounting balance called “carbon footprint”. The larger this balance is, the more we must strive to “compensate” for our sins by performing rituals of atoning sustainability, such as buying a zero-emission car, acquiring emission rights, or eating less meat, the kind that comes from sinful cows that fart methane stubbornly.

All the above is enough to outline the business model of the Church of Warmology. Now it is time to examine and dismantle this Warmology cult. We will unravel the dogma-paradigm, the problems in the form of prophecies, the premises and the solutions, or prescriptions that are commanded to us in the form of ritual penance by the Holy Office of the Warmology cult.

Throughout this book we will also place the warm-mongering cult within a superstructure – the corporatist-fascist State – of which other dogmatic churches (*) are also part and tools of, focused on the subjugation of the individual through the subtraction of rights and under the cover of a supposed “common good”.

So, let’s get to it.

(*) The Church of Warmology is one of the main cults, but it is not the only one. Cults such as the Church of the Holy Rainbow of the Infinite Genders and other “worships” that we will see, are also instruments of control and plundering of freedoms and rights for the sake of the “common good”.  

To delve into the avernal depths of the warm-mongering devotion without getting lost, it is necessary to be aware of the jargon used by the clergy and the flock of this cult.

Let me give you an example. Earlier I said that one of the most celebrated rituals to clean up the carbon footprint is the purchase of a “zero emissions” vehicle. The term zero emissions is one of those expressions, as false as it is, frequently used by the CoW (short form for Church of Warmology that I shall used in this book). Saying that a vehicle is zero emissions has the same meaning and purpose as calling a shitter toilet or reproductive health to abortion. It is about making the term sound good no matter how bogus it is.

Nothing is zero emissions; that simply does not exist. We could begin to agree if we talked about “zero emissions vehicles from the time you buy it at the dealership until you have to buy another lithium battery”. The amount of CO2 emissions, and many other things, that are produced during the extraction of lithium for electric batteries, makes even the most modest Prius to arrive at the dealership with the equivalent in CO2 emissions of driving a car with a combustion engine for 2 or 3 years. The most “sustainable” Tesla without leaving the garage has already “emitted” as much CO2 as a 12-cylinder Mustang skidding down the road for a year.

If we add the environmental cost and the devastating impact on human health caused by the extraction processes of the rare earths used in electric motors, “zero emissions” sounds like a macabre joke.

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