The Church of Warmology

Publio Cortes de Lezo's latest book on the "warm-mongering" slave cult

January 6th versus Maidan. It all boils down to “it´s ok when we do it”


Something smells nasty when the very same people that called unarmed altercates an insurrection –January 6th 2021 in Washington– try to sell us a bloody coup as a peaceful democratic and colorful revolution –November 2013 to February 2014–

I simply can´t buy into that rhetoric pumped from the D.C. Swamp and its Brussels chapter, that portraits factual events according to their globalits interets. At the end of the day all that empty chatter, constantly amplified by that eco chamber called the Main Stream Media, ends up boiling into nothing but “we are the good guys, and it is ok when we do it”… and if you don´t agree is simply because you are Putin´s sweetheart or a conspiranoic biggot.

If you care about facts and want to have arguments rather than mantras or slogans you will like this video 📽️ Enjoy and feel free to disagree 👇


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