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Spain´s uncomparable feat. October 12 beyond Columbus


1492, a Kingdom that has culminated an almost 800 years fight to expel an islamic invasion from its soil, reaches the shores of a New Land.

October 12 has been traditionally celebrated in the US, at least before the woke pandemic took over, as Columbus day, a day when Italian Americans display their pride in someone no one is yet sure where he was from, but we all know who he worked for.

Without detracting from Christopher Columbus his contribution to an otherwise inevitable meeting between Europe and America, this expedition was just the kickoff of an amazing adventure the like of which the world had not yet seen, and probably will not ever see again.

It was Castile, the backbone of Spain, ruled by a wise and determined woman, Queen Isabella, who reached that land. It was the wife of king Ferdinand of Aragon, the heart of Spain, who gave the ships and the sailors for Columbus to follow his hunch to find a route to the far east.

It was a poor kingdom of roughly over 4 million people, devastated over centuries of constant fight held along the other christian Spanish kingdoms, against a restless invader. That was what arrived to La Española on october 12 1492.

Constantinople had fallen to the Turks in 1453, Mehmed II stormed the Balcans and the routes to the spices of the Far East were closed or subject to the will and the taxes of the sultan.

On the West things were different, the kingdoms of Spain were about to top off their 800 years fight to remove the muslim rule over Hispania. Unlike other christian territories invaded by the muslims of what it used to be the Roman Empire (Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Mauritania), the peoples of Hispania retained their will, at all costs and throughout centuries, to recover the unity, under the Cross, they had in Visigothic and Roman times.

The Portuguese had open new routes to the Far East circumnavigating Africa to avoid the Turks, and a man named Cristóbal Colón, that was how Columbus was referred to in Castile, arrived to the Catholic Kings (Isabella and Ferdinand) court with a plan that had been rejected by John (Juan) II, the king of Portugal.

Around the years 1480-1484, Columbus matured his project until it became a true obsession. We know that the first concrete mention of a possible path to the Indies to the west is attributed to the Florentine scholar Toscanelli and was explained to the Lusitanian court by means of a letter. Columbus knew this document, which was accompanied by a map with calculations of distances between the Indies and the European Atlantic coasts. However, there were errors in these calculations, to which were later added new errors by Columbus. Those errors paradoxically would facilitate the execution of Columbus´undertaking. The common denominator of Columbus mistakes was the smallness attributed to the terrestrial globe and the relative narrowness of the Atlantic Ocean that he estimated.

Columbus never wrote any document in Italian, not even letters to his relatives, but instead used Spanish as his language. He was probably from Genoa and spoke a Genoese dialect in his childhood, but even before settling in Castile, during his more than a decade in Portugal his writings are all in Spanish.

It was Spain that funded that risky adventure, it was under the banner of Castile, it were three Spanish caravels (la Niña, la Pinta and la Santa María) and it was a crew of Spaniards that arrived to America 529 years ago. And it was Spain who just 10 months after completely defeating islam in the Mother Land, projected itself into the Americas.

Now we have to put up with alleged intellectuals who try to delegitimize the colossal civilizing work of 15th and 16th century men by judging them with absurd 21st century standards and postmodern values. We have to hear that America was an Eden of peace and harmony in which its inhabitants lived in communion with mother nature until some bearded whites arrived from the west. And that was not the case. The Mexicas (Aztecs) for instance, arrived to today´s Valley of Mexico less than 2 centuries before the Spaniards, to terrorized their neighboring populations. They waged continuous wars for the sole purpose of collecting human beings, men, women, and children, to sacrifice to their terror gods, and to practice anthropophagy.

The mexicas were not the ancient inhabitants of the region but some warrior and blood thirsty people who arrived to the area only 190 years before Hernán Cortés, only to live at the expense of their vassal peoples whom they not just subjugated but also ate. It was not less than 500 Spaniards who conquered an empire of 8 million people (twice the inhabitants of Castile). Those 500 men, their iron swords, a scarce number of small pieces of artillery and some few muskets, meant a huge opportinity for tribes of people longing to get rid of the Mexica tyranny. Totonacs, Tlaxcaltecs and the peoples of Cempoala, Quiahuiztlan, Texcoco, Chalco, Xochimilco, Azcapotzalco and Mixquic took revenge of the Mexicas joining forces around the banner of Castile understanding their fight as a liberation.

The defeat of the Mexicas or the Incas should be celebrated as much as the defeat of other tyrannies such as the nazi or the communists regimes.

To the south the Incas also practiced bloody rituals such as the “capacocha” which included burying prepubescent children alive after a pilgrimage of hundreds or thousands of kilometers to the peaks of the Andes, where the most “fortunate” children had their skull crushed with a rock after a long journey, a journey the children could only endure thanks to being high on coca leaves and corn liquor. The less lucky woke up with a severe hung over buried alive in the cold.

So fuck you all off woke morons, for sticking to that infantile rhetoric consisting of blaming people you don´t even understand for doing things that you have no moral grounds to judge. Honor and glory to the feats of Spain despite your contempt for the truth and for the facts. We shall not ask for forgiveness, nor shall we feel ashamed for the deeds of our ancestors which by the way are usually more closely related to those living in Spanish America than to those of us who live in Spain´s mainland today. Sometimes it feels weird to stand the rage of people blaming Spaniards for what their ancestors, and not ours, did. It happened to me once in Mexico that a redhead milky white guy, whose surname was as Spanish as it gets, Martínez, accused me of ending the wonderful civilizations that the Aztecs had built over the blood of their enemies whom they literally ate. I told him to look at himself in the mirror and then come back and tell me again whatever the fuck he was saying.

40 ships were sunk or captured to the english armada and some 15,000 English and Dutch died. Queen Elizabeth I ordered that no one should talk of this sound defeat in the future, her wish was fulfilled

In a portentous century, Spain kicked islam off its soil, discovered a New World, built tens of cathedrals, founded hundreds of cities and universities in America, circumnavigated the world, established a route across the Pacific Ocean (then known as the Spanish Lake, even landed in New Zealand) linking the two pieces of the Viceroyalty of New Spain (México and the Philippines). Spain founded the first city in what is today´s US, San Agustín de la Florida in 1565, deterred the advance of islam in South East Asia founding the only christian country in the region (the Philippines). Not too bad for a country of its size, wasn´t it?

In that same century of wonders and of an iron will to extend our Western Civilization legacy, Spain led the defeat of the Turks in Lepanto while France was and ally to the sultan and Queen Elizabeth in England was too busy to be bothered, while slaughtering catholics in her realm. It was us, our holy and epic country that took the lead to preserve Venice, Genoa and the Holy See in christian hands.

Spain established trade between China, the Americas and Europe, through the Philippines, and our currency, the real de a ocho (piece of eight) was accepted across the Globe and was the predecessor of the US dollar, that was minted in the likeness of the Spanish currency. I am sure that you have heard of the Armada and the English victory in 1588, but no one knows that there was a counter Armada sent by the English against Spain a year later. No one knows but yet it happened. Francis Drake and John Norris commanded a fleet of 190 English and Dutch vessels (137 was the size of the Spanish Armada a year ago) to retaliate against Spain. That fleet was crushed in Coruña, Lisbon and the Azores. 40 ships were sunk or captured and some 15,000 English and Dutch died. Queen Elizabeth I ordered that no one should talk of it in the future, her wish was fulfilled, but here I am writing about it to let you know. These two episodes were part of the Anglo-Spanish war (1585-1604) that ended with a treaty that was more beneficial to Spain´s interests than those of England.

We are not to be ashamed, but to be proud of being the beacom of the Christiandom and the Western Civilization for centuries. Those who made up the Black Legend about Spain, built it out of envy and out of their frustration. Dutch and Italians, French and English were unable to understand how on earth could our country rule the world being much poorer than France. The same countries were women were burnt alive by the thousands for witchcraft created a horror tale about the Spanish Inquisition, which executed 3,000 people in its 350 years of History. That was just a portion of the people slaughtered and eaten in a weak weekend of sacrifices in the Aztec Tenochtitlán or the equivalent of a poor witchhunting season in Germany.

The Spanish Inquisition only killed 59 women accused of witchcraft in 350 years of history; between 25,000 to 32,000 women were burnt in the Holy Roman Empire (Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Lorraine, Austria, Czechia) and over 1,000 in England. Spain is in fact the country that threw less women at the stake. Fucking cold, hard, and true facts that no one seems to pay attention to. Now you know, us at Freenoticias feel no shame to tell the true. Convicts would rather be trialed by an inquisition court than any civil judicial authority. But yet, it is like the Spanish Inquisition was the only that existed. Same applies to the expulsion of the Jews from Spain, like if it was Spain who invented that shameful tradition. France, England, Naples, Bavaria, Russia and many other countries did so from the Middle Ages, centuries before Spain did it, and even Ulysses S. Grant expelled the jews from Tennessee, Mississippi and Kentucky as late as in 1862.

Interracial marriages were not only forbidden but encourage by the Queen Isabella herself. Over a century before Pocahontas married John Rolfe, Spaniards were marrying indegenous women as a norm; in fact the first interracial marriage in what is today´s the USA, took place in Florida. Luisa de Abrego, a free black domestic servant from Seville and Miguel Rodríguez, a white Segovian conquistador got married in 1565 in St. Augustine. Did you know?

The Spanish Florida was a save haven for black people fleeing the Southern States in their way to freedom, something that the English first and the newly borned USA did not really like. Florida was forcebly sold to the USA in 1819.

The birth of the USA and its path to independence would have been much different if it wasn´t for the Spanish support. Bernardo de Gálvez, governor of Luisiana first assisted Washington´s cause (with supplies, weapons and ammunition), and then entered the war against the Red Coats, helping the insurrectionists. The British had blockaded the ports of the Thirteen Colonies, the route from New Orleans up the Mississippi River was the only alternative. Gálvez worked with Oliver Pollock, to ship gunpowder, muskets, uniforms, medicine, and other supplies to the American colonial rebels when their cause was about to be smashed. Later on, Gálvez led a buch of Spanish troops in a storm attack to crush all British garrisons and forts in their way to Florida across the Gulf. The British were smashed at Fort Bute, Baton Rouge, Natchez, Mobile, Pensacola and then Nassau in the Bahamas. The English presence in the Gulf of Mexico was swept away in a military campaign that was crucial for the fate of the American Revolution. Lafayette and France were much less important than Gálvez and Spain, but that is the way it goes…

Over a century before Pocahontas married John Rolfe, Spaniards were marrying indegenous women as a norm; in fact the first interracial marriage in what is today´s USA, took place in Florida. Luisa de Abrego, a free black domestic servant from Seville and Miguel Rodríguez, a white Segovian conquistador got married in 1565 in St. Augustine. Did you know?

Just by looking at the ethnic composition of the Spanish America (Latin America does not exist, people there do dont speak Latin but Spanish or Portuguese) and comparing the number of indigenous and mestizo people north and south of the Río Grande, gives an idea of the very different approach followed by the Spanards and the English in the Americas. For Spain the American enterprise did not mean settling colonies but extending Spain itself creating viceroyalties that were a de facto new Kingdoms of Hispania.
The so called wars of liberation in the Spanish america in the first quarter of the 19th century were in fact civil wars. Loyalists enlisted more indians in their units than those allegedly liberating those territories. Wonder why? The reason is that indigenous people knew quite well that those white enlightened creoles influenced by the resented Brits and the masonry, wanted to cope the only power they still did not hold, the political power. That only power they had left would allow them to get rid of the privileges the indians enjoyed under the Spanish Crown that acted as a counterweight to the creole aristocracy ambitions.

Simón Bolivar, the bastard bolldy dictator so praised by another bastard dictator like Maduro (and Chávez before him), was a white guy whose family owned large plantations with slaves and that in one of his letters to the British he wrote this:

“Of all the countries, South America is perhaps the least appropriate for republican governments, because its population is made up of Indians and blacks, more ignorant than the vile race of the Spaniards, from which we have just emancipated ourselves”

This was written by a man whose ancestors came 100% from Spain. Bolivar was a wealthy creole whose family sent him to study to Spain and France; he felt deep contempt for indigenous people, except for the purpose of using them as an epic excuse for his cause.

Contrary to what happened in the USA, a country that after defeating the Brits grew in power and wealth, Spanish America underwent a period of recession, insecurity and general impoverishment. Central and South America entered a perior of unstability and chaos, wars between newly borned nations, quarrels about their borders and a loss of territories in favour, mainly but not solely, of the USA. A land double the size of the US with the same currency (a currency used and accepted worldwide), no borders and a flourising trade of goods and people regressed to a period of uncertainty.

The new countries were soon robbed and abused by British and American companies. They went from being a Hispanic empire to become true colonies for Anglo-Saxon interests. The independence preached by greedy bastards like San Martín or Bolivar turned into poverty, loss of sovereignty, war and inequality. Was it worth it? Will we find common ground to reunite what once was one and powerful?

It took a couple of heineous and coward kings like Charles the IV and his son Ferdinand VII (our worst king ever) and Napoleon´s invasion of the Iberian Peninsula to get us defeated in America. We had sacrificed our navy in the interest of France (Trafalgar) the advice of our admirals, and yet France paid our goodwill with an invasion. Spain had to fight the French troops on its soil and keep a huge empire in the Americas.

Another feat that you probably have not heard of, is the crushing of the largest amphibious assault operation in History until the Normandy landing. It was in march 1741 and a task force of 30,000 men and 254 ships arrived at Cartagena de Indias (in today´s Colombia) and a garrison of 3,500 Spaniards kicked the hell out of Admiral Vernon who was in command of that huge operation. The Brits rested so assure of their victory that they even minted coins to commemorate their ghost triumph. George II also forbid to mention such tremendous defeat under severe penalties. Admiral Blas de Lezo, who was the commander of the Spanish garrison at Cartagena wrote this:

“To come to Cartagena it is necessary for the King of England to build another larger squadron, because this has only been left to carry coal from Ireland to London.”

De Lezo had just one arm, one leg and one eye and was contemptively called half man by the Brits. It took half a brave man to wreck the mighty Royal Navy on put them on the run. This was the largest naval defeat in the History of England and the biggest defeat any fleet had ever suffered until that date. Did you hear of it? Now you know.

From Tierra de Fuego to Alaska Spain left an indelible mark in America that we will not be ashamed of. someone would have landed sooner or later, it could have been France or it could have been Venice, and yes it could have the Turks if Spain would have not prevailed. We want to share our pride with the world and celebrate our glorious History. Spain did also wrong things, humans are not perfect, but we have more to feel proud about than shameful.

the crushing of the largest amphibious assault operation in History until the Normandy landing. It was in march 1741 and a task force of 30,000 men and 254 ships arrived at Cartagena de Indias (in today´s Colombia) and a garrison of 3,500 Spaniards kicked the hell out of Admiral Vernon who was in command of that huge operation. worst royal navy defeat in history.

Montana, Arizona, Oregón, Nevada, California, Los Ángeles, Colorado, San Francisco, San Antonio, the cow boys, mustang horses (mesteños), the ranches, the rodeo, all Spanish names, not Italians. If you are a Hispanic in the USA, you are part of that great nation, as much or even more, as anyone descending from the Mayflower Pilgrims. Spain did a lot to expand the Western Civilization across this planet and her work, as the work of most mothers, is not praised enough.

Bear no doubt, the USA is also, to a great degree, a Hispanic country, and that is a big asset for the (still) Land of the Free. As Americans, regardless of your color or background, you ought to be proud of being the heirs of that huge Hispanic contribution to the building of your country. The USA as we know it now would be a different place than it is now if it was not for the Spanish footprint. When I heard your mentally unstable, fit for nothing except ordering dessert, former ex-President, Joe Biden addressing an insufferable spiel about the atrocities commited by the Conquistadores, I imagined what would have all been like should the Aztecs have come ashore to Europe and no the other way around. I admire the once indomitable American character, for the USA has in a way been the country that took the relay from Spain in leading the West. Your President is fond of siffing prepubescent girls and our, Pedro Sánchez, has his own mental disorders such as his incapacity to tell the truth (even to his doctor) or his undisguised psychopathy. But we have chewed more, much more, than that and still move forward. My respect and my gratitude to the American nation and its people for their services to the Western Civilization.

Columbus was a man who after being mocked elsewhere, ended up before a Queen who bet on his unscientific claim that there was a shorter way to Asia across the Atlantic than there really is. America was in between Columbus dream and Spain rode the waves to its destiny.

Join me in shouting out loud ¡Viva España y viva la Hispanidad!


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