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Twitter suspends Freenoticias permanently at its gulag. Our unsolicited reply boils down to F.U. dictators!


It is time to show the world the only way to deal with dictators the like of Jack Dorsey. We are fed up of this TwitterSTAN regime and we are sharing with you how we have indulged ourselves telling this twitter-tyrants what we and millions of other people think of their gulag.

This is not the time to fool around, freedom of speech, individual rights and the free marketplace of ideas is at stake, we must clearly show our most sincere contempt for these despots.

Let us tell you our story in a nutshell:

This 2nd of March Twitter suspended our account giving us their usual explanation: blank, nothing… read our Terms and Conditions, thank you. We appealed that very same day. Their answer, again as usual was: no answer.

We sent Twitter a friendly reminder on March 9 in an email that read like this:

“I sent my appeal to the suspension of my account seven days ago and still have no reply from your side. I´d appreciate getting some feedback on this. Thank you”

No reply from Twitter until yesterday March 17th. The email from this cyber-dictatorship, a.k.a platform, was:


We’re writing to let you know that your account has been suspended––and will remain suspended––due to multiple or repeat violations of our rules. 

We don’t allow the following behaviors on Twitter: 

  • Creating serial and/or multiple accounts with overlapping uses
  • Evading a permanent suspension by creating or using another account
  • Cross-posting Tweets or links across multiple accounts
  • Aggressive following, particularly through automated means

Please do not reply to this email or send us new appeals for this account as we won’t monitor them.



The fact of the matter is that here in Freenoticias we have not incurred in any of those four so called behaviours. We have not created multiplie accounts or tried to evade their suspension creating any account and could not cross-post tweets across several accounts for we only had one. The aggressive following is something we were not aware of its existence and after finding out whate the hell it was it was impossible for us to do so for we only followed some 150 accounts.

This is what Twitter says about this agressive following thing:

“..but if you don’t follow or unfollow hundreds of accounts in a single day, and you aren’t using automated methods of following accounts, you should be fine”.

We have not committed any of the sins, that they list, against their pagan “bible” but still TwitterSTAN keeps our suspension and warns us that “it will remain suspended”.

The exterminating bird-angel with his flaming sword expels us out of “paradise” telling us to abandon all hope, no date for return, and warns us not to dare to communicate with the blessed ones again. Fuck you Twitter! with all respects.

This was our unsolicited reply:

Dear Jack Dorsey´s servants (nothing against you employee reading this),

It is very kind of you to come back to us with such an “illuminating” answer that adresses none of our questions and gives no valid response to the reason behind suspending our account.

No matter how kindly you ask us not to answer your email or not to send you new appeals, our answer is, and will always be, the reply a dictatorship like TwitterSTAN deserves: 

We do not want to abide by your rules also when it comes to if we can or cannot answer an email, and we shall be hammering Twitter´s tyranny all is needed (and indeed, as you sure know, is very necessary)

It would be really honest of you if instead of listing us a number of reasons for suspending our account, knowingly that we have not done any of those things, you would answer us that you simply do not want onboard anyone that challanges your despotic way of managing your “plantation”.  We have not created serial or multiple accounts, we have not evaded your prison by creating any account, we have not cross posted links across multiple accounts for the simple reason that we have had only one acoount and we haven´t done any agressive following manually or automated.

Should Twitter have dignity I would expect you to prove any of those; but I am pretty confident that TwitterSTAN lost its dignity long time ago; now you only rely on keeping your echo chamber at full gas to enforce your orwellian way of thinking while you trample on reason on and on. While pretending to safeguard feelings, somethings that, believe it or not, have no rights, you are running over the right (real rights) to freedom of speech. 

Rest assured all of you in your wokish parallel world that you cannot put us all on our knees and that many bottles of good wine will be uncorked the day your company and some of your sisters in crime are torn into pieces for the sake of humankind. We feel generous and we are also sending you a link to our oppen letter to your despotic guru, aka Jack: 

Feel free to answer, as we shall feel free to challange your idiocy, and by the way, grow some guts and do not call it suspension or permanent suspension call it banning. Banning fits more Twitter´s way of running its plantation. Have a great day, I will too.

I really recommend you to read our open letter, link above, to the goat bearded guru in charge of Twitter and its liberticidal endeavours. In this letter we make our points crystal clear


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