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Hiding dementia Joe at all costs. 45 days out of sight from the press

The last 15 presidents of the United States held press conferences within the first 33 days of their mandates. Joe Biden has not shown up before the media in a full press conference for 45 days (and counting). It isn´t us who say so, but the flagship of TV disinformation in the United States and cheerleader in chief of dementia Joe, that is, CNN. Check out the tweet from Kevin Liptak, the CNN White House correspondent:

The red-haired press secretary of the insane president, Jen Psaki, on March 1 answered in a deflecting way to journalists who are beginning to get impatient about the absence of Hunter Biden’s father:

“Not yet, but we will definitely have one. We will schedule it and you will be the first to know. Because you are key participants in this.”

This past Thursday, March 4, Psaki said the following:

“The president answers questions several times a week. In fact, he answered twice yesterday. We look forward to holding a full press conference. We are working to set a final date for that and as soon as we do we will let everyone know.”

“This president came during a historic crisis. I think the American people understand that his energy and attention has been focused on ensuring we get enough vaccines … and pushing an American rescue plan.”

Come on, the haughty redhead tells us that poor Joe is very busy counting vaccines. Biden does not stop working, not like Harry Truman who was sworn in in the middle of World War II on the death of Roosevelt. He held a press conference within 5 days of taking office. Truman was just minding minor things such as overseeing how the atomic bomb was going and how to end the war in the Pacific…unimportant little minutiae.

Roosevelt in 1933 took only 4 days to appear before the press, but of course the good old Franklin only had to deal with the hardest part of the Great Depression with runaway unemployment figures, deaths from starvation and things like that; unlike super Biden who is really too damn busy to take half an hour and face the media.

All the presidents in the last 100 years came out to face the media because they had time to spare, while Joe Biden is so busy that he does not find a spot in his agenda for that. It is not that he does not want, he wants to, but he can’t.

So busy is dementia Joe that even his democrat congress fellows are considering taking away worries from him. Depriving him of the control over the nuclear briefcase will surely help Joe focus on Covid…

It has nothing to do with his own people being worried of Joe handling the “atomic toy”, after all who would not give a mass destruction weapon to a man who mistakes his sister for his wife, who says he prefers the truth over the facts or who made up that he was with Deng Xiao Ping in Paris despite the fact that the communist dictator had been dead for 18 years; it seems reckless, doesn´t it?

Why should the head of State answer the media like if that was somethinga president should do? Do not disturb, man at work fighting Covid-19 24/7.

Joe has so much work that in a month and a half he has had to go to Camp David to rest for two weekends and another weekend to his house in Delaware… because there seems to be a lot of noise in the Oval Office…I assume.

But Psaki says Biden is very busy … Others think that he is very incapacitated even to tend the hedges of the White House garden without supervision. What a challange for you to keep on making excuses redhead! This is just the beginning Jen.

By the way she said “the end of the month” not THIS month.

I would kindly ask CNN and the rest of the cheerleader squad that when Biden is fully medicated to face them in a press conference they come up with good questions instead of throwing him softballs such as: How are your dogs doing?, Favorite tapas recipe? or Favorite Crayola colors? Those are not real questions.

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