IniciointernacionalOpen letter to Jack Dorsey, master of the Twitterstan plantation

Open letter to Jack Dorsey, master of the Twitterstan plantation


We are proud to share this open letter, addressed to the Grand Ayatollah of Twitterstan, Jack Dorsey, with all of you who regularly read this outlet and with those who, by chance of fate, and despite censorship, have landed here. The letter bears the stamp of our house: we do not shut up, not even under the water.

Dear Jack:

There are three words that according to you and your colleague Evan Williams define your brand from the very kickoff of your well known dictatorship realm (aka Twitter): simplicity, constraint, and craftsmanship. I must admit that the second guideline, the restriction, is undoubtedly a hallmark of your brand.

Although the term restriction was probably intended for one of its meanings, moderation and limiting oneself to writing messages of no more than 280 characters, the truth in today´s Twitterstan is that the “value” of restriction is what defines your company best: coarctation, coercion, contraindication,  limitation, prohibition, reduction and so it goes. Twitterstan has become  a synonymous for gulag when it comes to freedom of expression, you run a jail, a concentration camp, congratulations. I know that you are aware of this, and that you seem not only not to care but that it makes you happy being the warden in chief of such great prison where your inmates create free content for you and for the foremen of the sect that you proudly run.

Do you know Jack what are some of the opposite words or antonyms of restriction? Freedom, liberation, independence or kindness. Weird and scary words to your ears indeed. By the way, none of these words appear in your pagan bible called “Terms and Conditions of Service”; that prison manual in which you keep updating with new limitations to be able to punish your wayward inmates.

Although your soul as a (self perceived) pious sectarian dictator is evident with each new fatwa that you add to the list of prohibitions of your particular qur’an, it would be greatly appreciated if you at least had the intellectual consistency to apply your punishments fairly.

It would be a fairness exercise that you would punish all your cyber-slaves in the same way, regardless of their political approaches. I say this because you show more permissiveness with those digital cotton pickers who seem to buy your set of ideas, or who even think that you are excessively benevolent towards their colleagues on the plantation who have a different way of seeing things. All jailers have their favorite or trusted prisoners, right? and those are indulged for they make the master happy. Forgive us Jack. How can we blame you for behaving as your tyrant nature dictates? You carry it in your fucking DNA you bearded ayatollah…with all my respects and considerations.

I will continue with the simile of the cotton plantation that I think fits very well with the values of the plantation, a.k.a. platform, that you and your foremen rule. However don’t forget that I don’t underestimate you Jack; I think that a plantation is a small thing compared to the size of your dictatorship, hence the title that we have given you as Great Ayatollah in some articles. Yes Jack, I know, and you are welcome. But the plantation thing is useful for educational purposes.

Your plantation was founded in a territory where the laws allowed you to carry out your agricultural and livestock exploitation without any limitation; since Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act gave you carte blanche when it came, and comes, to censoring any content or retaliating to your liking against any slave. You can lock us in your punishment cells with no other limitation than your free will, you can prevent the bad slave from communicating with the other servants, and you can also play the game of  being a vibrant-diverse-community of users with those who happily comply and obey your laws. Please have mercy on us Jack.

The interesting thing is that outside your plantation things are different. I am not referring to the bordering plantations where other masters like Google, Amazon, or Facebook herd their flocks of slaves; I mean the world that gave you the safe passage (Section 230) to be able to act like a filthy dictator without being blamed or be found accountable. That world is called the United States and it is a nation in which freedom of expression is enshrined as a right that is inherent to the human condition and that is above any man made law (that includes you man).

That “world” Jack, granted you legislation à la carte so that in your “world” you could restrict deny or screw up the freedom of expression of your slave workers. Because those slaves give you free content and the eyeballs and ears you need to monetize your plantation at ease through unsolicited advertising. You even have a clause called “Good Samaritan” by which the country where you were born allows you to censor content even in violation of the Constitution of the United States, naively understanding that the plantation owners would apply it in good faith. Yes I know Jack, considering you and your peers good Samaritans is hilarious.

Simplicity, restriction and craftmanship is written at the entrance of your big farm and among the most maroon slaves these three words are understood as “Be brief and ingenious working for free, and when it comes to thinking, don’t forget who’s boss here.” The docile servants who abide by your progressive thinking can live in your plantation under the illusion of being in an agora where ideas are freely debated; they don’t notice the chains because they don’t move enough from the coordinates prescribed by your apostles, dear Jack. When they cross the line and stretch the chain they will receive the spicy lash of your foremen Jack; and they will feel the weight of the steel ball they signed up to upon entering the property.

Freenoticias entered your realm, Ayatollah Jack, knowing that we acquired the status of vassals but trusting that a certain sense of shame from your side would prevent us from being repressed for arguing and reasoning our messages and ideas. When we saw that you were able to expel from your dominions the head of the state of the nation who gave you carte blanche to commit crimes, we knew that it was a matter of time before we ended up being slashed by your foremen. We were not wrong.

Not only do you and your peers deny your slaves their freedom of expression and force your liberticidal speech as the only valid one, but you have conspired to prevent other entrepreneurs from running plantations where instead of slaves they have users.

It is striking that a platform like Parler, who instead of choosing the word “restriction” as the shield of their flag, raised the banner of freedom of expression, was crushed by the brotherhood of slaveholders of which you, dear Jack, are an outstanding member.

And yes we are in Parler, and we encourage everyone to jump into this platform and whatever other train is to be catched. We do not trust Parler, or anyone else, because the scalded cat runs away even from the cold water, but we are sure of two things: they have not yet shown to have the dictatorial spirit that you and your “cousins” (Mark, Jeff, … ) proudly show and because conceited trash like you will not tolerate anyone overshadowing you. Take no offence dear Jack, like if we even care.

On February 3, we published an article echoing a video in which you can see Ayatollah Jack committing to expanding the repression once Trump was cyber-executed. Luckily among your Twitterstan foremen there are good people who expose your disgusting way of acting and we are confident that many more will follow until you end up where many of us believe you belong: in jail.

If you don’t allow us to continue picking cotton on your plantation in exchange for feeding our digital outlet with the measly traffic that your fascist and marxist algorithms (let redundancy be allowed) allow us, we will not beg you. We will look for other ways to make our point of view and ideas be known. We are not going to delete a single tweet either. If you allow us to return we will return but rest assured that we will continue to say the same things and that we will not shut up and that we will celebrate the day when your regime and the rest of the regimes of your peers are forced to disappear for the good of Humanity and the individual.

I know that you will not read this letter today, or tomorrow, and perhaps never. I know that even if you read it you were not going to change, you have already gone too far for your repentance to redeem you. At this point your options are two:

1.- Continue amassing power and fortune to keep the politicians greased so as to maintain you in the position of Great Ayatollah  while you continue to annihilate internal dissent and external competition


2.- Finish in the gutter of History. Either because you end up being dragged by your goat beard to a Nuremberg trial in which you will sit on the bench (along with your “cousins”) accused of violating the rights of citizens of the country that grant you the “right” to commit crimes and run over the freedoms of people, or because your monopoly is torn into a thousand pieces or because others take away all your slaves and Twitterstan becomes the plantation known as the safe haven of progressives imbeciles unable to deal with their emotions.

Option 1 can´t last dorever Jack, you will learn that.

Not once does the word freedom appear in the terms and conditions. You have no shame dear Jack.


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